Silicon Additives for a New World

Famas Technology founded more than
15 years ago

In 2004 we decided to launch the production of coupling agents for highly filled compounds and composites.

Our focus has always been on customer specific solutions.

FamaSil blends are versatile 

Famasil blends work with a wide variety of materials.

They work best with hydroxyl groups, and provide higher abrasion resistance, better electricals, improved stiffness and higher flame - resistance. 

FamaSil blends are multifunctional

Famasil blends bond chemically with filler surface and polymer, forming a 'molecular bridge'.

Their strong interfacial bond not only improves overall properties, but also aids during mixing and processing.


FamaSil FR-VM

blend of  complementary silanes,
silicones and processing aids.

FamaSil DL-VM

dry-concentrate of FamaSil FR-VM
Uses proprietary blends of silica and alumina fillers

FamaSil FR-V6M6

contains peroxides, silanes and silicones.
peroxides provide grafting on top of coupling, achieving improved mechanical properties.

FamaSil DL-V6M6

dry-concentrate of FamaSil FR-V6M6
Uses proprietary blend of silica and alumina fillers

Recommendations for use

Loading levels of about 0.5 - 1 wt.% on filler are sufficient, but depend on surface area of fillers. Fillers with a particle size of < 1 micron will require higher loadings (1-1.5%) compared with fillers of 1-20 microns (0.5 -1%)

Features & Benefits

FamaSil Dry Liquids are designed for long open-pot lifes, improved dosing & handling, better dispersion, synergistic flame retardancy and better long term wet electricals of cables


Made in Europe

Specially developed manufacturing processes, designed to guarantee the integrity of each blend.

Since 2016 they are made
in a new plant by our long-term partner D.O.G. Chemie.


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